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Fort Mason’s Epic One-Night-Only Artist Takeover

The first “Fort Nights: Neon Robot Iceberg” 55,000 sq. foot takeover with 22 light & visual artists
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“Fort Nights: Neon Robot Iceberg” kicks off a new era at Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, one of community-focused events and exhibitions curated by FMCAC. This event, which is the first in the Fort Nights series, features more than 22 artists and musicians exploring site-specific multi-media art across the 55,000-square-foot Festival Pavilion and Firehouse in a one-night-only spectacle of light and video art installations.

The opening night is complete with a cash bar and music curated by Melorra Green; “Together” is a four-hour set of soulful funk and jazz-influenced stylings by DJ Nina Sol, DJ Abeldee, High Standards, and the live musical group Gaea.

Fort Nights: Neon Robot Iceberg
Saturday, March 26, 2016 | 7-11 pm
Fort Mason Center, San Francisco

The event centers on a site-specific exhibition by artist Tra Bouscaren, who presents an immersive video installation using motion-tracking software, custom video mapping, multiple projectors and giant Styrofoam sculptures resembling upcycled-refuse icebergs; his piece will remain live through April 2.

Opening night will also feature other artists’ works as part of a one-night-only multi-media mini-arts festival at the adjacent Festival Pavilion:

  • Bruce Tomb’s “Maria del Camino,” a true-to-size remote controlled El Camino that drives vertically on heavy duty tractor treads
  • A 50-foot long neon light “crop circle” by Vince Koloski
  • The Portable Studio Project, a participatory study of human communication documented through photo and video by Alex Nichols and Mushia
  • Site-specific projection artworks by local artists

The night will also feature hands-on art-making activities with Sean Pace in conjunction with his “Crawler”: a former military vehicle turned pop-up fabrication laboratory on wheels.