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Gorgeous New Mural Unveiled in SF’s Glen Park

Honoring Glen Park’s history, the new mural will incorporate a tiled stairway coming soon
By - posted 9/6/2022 No Comment

San Francisco’s newest mural, Burnside Mural+, celebrates Glen Park’s rich history. The new mural stands at the end of the Glen Park Greenway at 55 Burnside Avenue. The project when completed will feature a beautifully tiled stairway leading up to Bosworth Street.

Burnside Mural+ will tell the storied history of the Glen Park neighborhood including its history as a dynamite factor (which blew up!), and its past as a popular zoo and amusement park. The tiled stairway will highlight Islais Creek, which runs from the canyon and under the Burnside Mural+ wall, which likely was the hunting grounds for the Bay Area’s Native Americans, the Ramaytush Ohlone.

Most notably, the mural will honor the “Gum Tree Girls,” a group of local women activists who fought to preserve the neighborhood from becoming a freeway.

The new art piece is a two-phase project. Join in on September 17 from 3-5 pm to celebrate the mural’s completion and be among the first to see the gorgeous preliminary design for tiling the stairway that rises above the mural. You’ll have a chance to meet the talented artists. There will be light refreshments and nibbles, and chalk for kids to draw. RSVP here.