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You Can Now Handle Produce Again at the Farmers’ Market

New COVID restriction updates as of 5/1 mean you can now pick out your own produce at the market
By - posted 4/30/2021 No Comment

Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association (PCFMA) just sent out an update that you can now pick out your own produce at the farmers’ market again.

To Our Loyal Farmers’ Market Customers

We appreciate your cooperation in helping keep our markets safe by following the measures we have installed during the pandemic. These measures were based on orders and guidelines provided by county and state health officials.

As COVID cases continue to decrease throughout the Bay Area and restrictions on businesses are lifted, customers will now be able to choose their produce safely at our farmers’ market.

Starting tomorrow, May 1, if individual farmers allow it, you may pick out and handle your produce at your PCFMA farmers’ markets.

If a farmer/producer allows customers to handle their own produce, they will provide you with a disposable glove, tissue paper, or other single-use items. Please help keep the market area clean and safe by disposing of these single-use items in the garbage can before proceeding to the next farmer’s stand.

They may alternatively provide a hand washing station or hand sanitizer for you to use before you handle produce. Garbage cans will be provided for those who use disposable gloves. As a customer, you can still request produce to be picked out and bagged for you, and farmers may still provide some or all of your produce to you by picking it out themselves.

We, the Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association (PCFMA), are advocates for our farmers and food access and will continue to be. We are committed to keeping our communities safe.