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Oakland & Pinole Honor Fallen Officer Pat Underwood

Hundreds gather in a public memorial service for the officer killed in Oakland during the protests
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Thanks to ABC7 for letting us know about the public memorial service held on Friday for the Federal protective service officer killed outside Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building in Oakland during the protests. He was 53-years-old.

The FBI says that Underwood was killed by someone shooting from a car on May 29th. ABC7 reports that Air Force sergeant, Steven Carrillo, has been charged with the murder. The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office believe Carrillo to have ties with the “Boogaloo” movement – a term used by extremists to reference a violent uprising or impending civil war in the U.S., according to the FBI.

The family and friends of Federal Protective Officer Dave Patrick Underwood held a public memorial service at his alma mater Pinole Valley High School, where Underwood was a star student-athlete at the school in the ’80s. He was laid to rest in Pinole on Friday.

George Phillips, Underwood ‘s lifelong friend sadly stated, “We are all traumatized by the way Patrick lost his life. He was such an outstanding person. Proud humanitarian, worked hard,” 

“For people of color, for Black people, there has been a pandemic for over 400 years, we have never found a vaccine. It is time we found a vaccine,” he added.

Angela Underwood Jacobs, Underwood’s sister said, “I know if I were talking to him right now, what he would say (to) all of us, here today, and across America, is to stay strong – stay strong, and focus on love and peace and unity,”. Her final message was that as a society we must overcome discrimination and violence against African-Americans and against police officers.

Read more and watch Underwood’s Memorial Service on ABC7.

Join the GoFundMe to support his family.

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