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Lights Out Pier 70

It’s one last renegade farewell to the historic Pier 70 before the condos come to replace it.
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The historic Pier 70 building has served as a stage for the strange, the glowing, the contorted, and the true artist. Therefore it is their duty to give it a proper renegade farewell.

Lights Out Pier 70: One Last Renegade Farewell
Saturday, December 16, 2017 | 9pm
Pier 70, SF
, but an RSVP is required

They’ll light up its walls that have provided them shelter, turn up the bass that has served as its heart beat, and drink from the well of its might. And they will “rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Artists are invited to set up their work. Bring your own projectors, sculptures, and performances. Please note that power is limited, so bring your own or come early. Musicians & DJs, come prepared to play. Performers, bring your outfits and your energy.

Confirmed artists:

  • Marpi
  • Jeffrey Yip
  • ecco screen
  • Alex Andre
  • LoveTech
  • James Proctor
  • Christopher Schardt

Come and get weird one more time before this space is wiped from the SF landscape forever.