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Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Morning “MeditOcean”: Chill w/ Jellyfish

Zen out each morning with a live guided meditation sesh with jellyfish
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Monterey Bay Aquarium is doing their part to help us all chill out and stay calm which is much needed during this pandemic crisis.

They’re leading guided meditations with a little help from their ocean critters. So rise and shine and peace out with some soothing sounds, a gentle voice, and some smooth swimming ocean friends.

They’re going live everyday at 8 am through Friday, 3/20. They state they’re trying something new — which is proving to be very popular — so let’s hope they continue these uplifting livestreams.

Zen out with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s “Morning MeditOceans – Guided meditations with critters” Youtube playlist.

Morning MeditOcean Episode 1 — Sea Nettles: https://youtu.be/5J2llsogT5Q
Morning MeditOcean Episode 2 — Moon Jellies :
Morning MeditOcean Episode 3 — Rocky Shore: Premieres 8am on Mar 20, 2020

If you want some jellies to be your newest coworkers while work from home, you can livestream all day long on their Live Jelly Cam.

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