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Mystery Anti-Pelosi Postcards Mailed to SF Residents

Did you get a mystery postcard sent from Missouri telling you to “Vote Elsewhere” in the mail today?
By - posted 10/23/2020 No Comment

Did you get a mystery postcard in the mail today? We’ve just received our first report of some mysterious anti-Nancy Pelosi postcards that have started arriving in San Francisco mailboxes on Friday.

The postcards, postmarked from Springfield, Missouri on October 20th are a crude two color print job saying in all caps “NANCY PELOSI IS SHI__ING ON SAN FRANCISCO. VOTE ELSEWHERE” with what appears to a drawing of a few dangling turds.

We’re not sure where someone is supposed to vote, if not in the city they live, or what they’re trying to accomplish with a fairly vague (and frankly pretty stupid) message like “Vote Elsewhere.

Did you get one of these postcards? Anyone else have any insight?


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