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Meet The 101 Freeway Overpass Dancer

A man, a heart and a lot of dancing almost make rush hour in SF bearable
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While most of the cars on the highway inch along in traffic, and drivers are zoned out with a bad mood plastered on their faces, JaVonne Hatfield dances happily for anyone who glances out their front windshield. Photo credit KALW

Photo credit: Amanda Mulay via Twitter

The Man with the Heart” has been out on the 101 overpass near 18th Street during rush hour every Thursday and Friday for years, just dancing his heart out. It’s rare to see someone standing for all to see without asking for any money, let alone dancing with earbuds on for hours. Hatfield has no intentions to ask for your cash; he does it just for the fun of it, and to bring a little bit of joy to people’s unpleasant commutes.

You can see JaVonne do his thing during rush hour at this overpass on 101

His goal is just to have fun, let loose, and ultimately, start a “love train.” He wants there to be a movement of people dancing on overpasses around the country, with everyone spreading a little bit of love every day. In an interview with KALW Public Radio, Hatfield said that this is his one way of helping build a community, and people do take notice.

Photo credit: James Tensuan / The Chronicle

Next time you’re stuck in traffic, or if you come close to the 18th Street overpass on the 101, maybe you’ll see JaVonne, or someone else, just dancing to the beat of their own drum.

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