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San Francisco Park Goers “Try” To Socially Distance

As summer creeps closer, SF is reminding people in parks to spread apart
By - posted 4/28/2020 No Comment

Thank you KRON4 for letting us know that San Francisco park-goers are “trying” but often times falling short of following the social distancing orders, especially in the parks on sunny days.

After more than a month of being sheltered in place, the sunny and warm weather this Saturday brought people out of their houses and straight to the parks and beaches in the Bay Area. 

We have come a long way and the number shows that we are almost flattening the curve, so we understand the temptation. If we absolutely have to be in the parks, just be cautious, wear a face mask, and definitely continue practicing social distancing. That way we can end this earlier. We are all in this together.