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PBR Art Party & Free Beer

A two-day art party with free beer if you can turn the PBR logo & cans into a work of art.
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Enter your PBaRt into the competition and your work might just be featured in a Pabst Blue Ribbon national billboard. More importantly, you’ll earn some free beer!

Madrone Art Bar will host PBaRt Submission Happy Hours on Thursday 3/29 and Friday 3/30 from 6-9pm.  All submissions will be entered in the national competition and may be selected to be featured in PBR’s national billboard campaign, and they’re hoping for a local.

What they call “art” is open to your interpretation… it can be any medium (including photos, tattoos…  even poetry) | Art Submission Form 

PBaRt Happy Hours
Thursday & Friday, March 29 & 30, 2012 (6-9p)
Madrone Art Bar, 500 Divisadero Street, SF (NoPa)
FREE, 21+

Free Beer!
Each person that drops off an art submission (and many that don’t) will receive a free PBR on the house