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Pillow Fight 2013

Feathers will fly on Valentine’s night with a giant pillow-on-pillow battle | Thursday
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Feathers will fly at this fun, flash-mob type event which takes place on Thursday, Valentine’s Day 2013, just as the Ferry Building clock tower strikes 6 pm. It’s Pillow Fight!

Nearly 1,000 San Franciscans descend on Justin Herman Plaza with feather-stuffed pillows to run Braveheart-like at full speed at one another to lovingly beat the crap out of each other until the whistle blows.

Top Tips:
Bring a mask or bandanna to cover your mouth – it’s easy to choke on flying feathers.
Bring a synthetic pillow (not one with feathers) trust us.. it’s much more enjoyable this way.
Bring a garbage bag – have fun and then help clean up afterward – the price of having fun is keeping your city clean and makes it much less likely for the fuzz to shut this thing down.
– Build up your arm strength – your arms will be sore after this… trust us.

>> Wanna see some great photos of past Pillow Fights from Bill Taylor?

Is this Pillow Fight really taking place for 2013?
A word of caution: We found Pillow Fight 2013 posted on Facebook, but note that the pillow fight isn’t listed on www.pillowfightday.com, the main website that lists tons of pillow fights around the world.

So we have no idea if this event is real or not, or if there will be any organizers or not – but who cares really? If 1,000 people “think” there’s a pillow fight and all show up at Justin Herman Plaza at 6 pm – then there’s gonna be a  mother f’n  pillow fight.

If you do show up, please please please bring one garbage bag and help pick up feathers afterward.

What time is Pillow Fight? The Facebook page says 5:30 pm, the flyer says 6 pm… It’s “usually” been 6 pm, but you might want to arrive early, so you don’t miss out.