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Best Places Watch 2014 World Cup Final

Watch Germany vs. Argentina on jumbotrons, food truck parks & Bavarian beer halls
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The World Cup Finals are here and it’s time for Germany and Argentina to square off in the final match. San Francisco has turned into a mini-soccer mecca with tons of great festive places to watch the matches, with many theaters and clubs opening up special for the final match.

Funcheap’s Top 6: Best Places to watch 2014 World Cup Final
Sunday, July 13, 2014 | Noon

  • Civic Center – Big screen setup in front of City Hall in San Franicsco.
  • SoMa StrEat Food Park Funcheap’s official game watch with 1,000 people, tons of food trucks & bottomless mimosas.
  • Historic Bavarian Bar – Watch at Schroeders in the FiDi with huge beer steins.
  • The Independent – Concert venue turns soccer place for a day.
  • 111 Minna – Game watch with samba dancers & Brazilian drumming.
  • San Jose – One of the biggest, most festive soccer crowds in the Bay Area

Or watch by yourself or at home

  • TV: All the games are broadcast in English on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2. View the entire TV schedule.
  • Streaming ESPN: Use the app WatchESPN (if you have a cable TV subscription.. sorry, DirecTV doesn’t count).

Need More? For an excellent round up of pubs and bars showing the World Cup in SF and Oakland, visit sf.eater.com

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