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SF Urges $5/Hr “Hazard Pay” for Chain Grocery Store Workers

City officially urges grocery stores to give workers $5/hour hazard pay. Small “mom-and-pop” grocers not affected
By - posted 1/8/2021 No Comment

Thanks to KRON4 for letting us know that $5 an hour hazard pay might be coming to San Francisco’s chain grocery store workers.

On Tuesday, January 5, 2021, San Francisco supervisors passed a resolution to urge large grocery store chains to provide the hazard pay as long as the city remains in the purple, red or orange tier on the state’s tiered system.

Small mom-and-pop grocers would not be required to pay additional compensation.

According to SFist, this is a non-binding resolution “urging” grocery stores to give their workers a $5 per hour raise, but the stores are expected to foot the bill.

Los Angeles passed a similar resolution also on Tuesday.