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San Francisco Ranked as Rudest City in the State

SF is declared 7th rudest city in the country
By - posted 9/1/2022 No Comment

How rude! Well, apparently, that’s us. KTVU shared the news San Francisco has been declared the rudest city in California, beating out Los Angeles, according to a study by Preply.

San Francisco ranked as the 7th rudest city in the country. Preply said they “surveyed over 1,500 residents of the 30 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. and asked them about the rudeness level of their city, including the prominence of certain typically rude behaviors.” A few of these rude behaviors include: people being absorbed by their phones, refusing to let people merge in traffic, and being noisy in shared spaces.

The title of the rudest city in the U.S. goes to Philadelphia, followed by Memphis, New York City, Las Vegas, and Boston rounding out the top 5.

On the other side of the spectrum, San Diego ranked as the most polite city in California and ranked 2 overall in the country. San Jose, CA took the number 11 spot on the nice list. Austin, Texas took the top honor.