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San Francisco’s Vintage Scooter Rally

It’s four days of classic Vespas, Lambrettas and Piaggios jetting around the city.
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Yes, we see scooters all over the place these days, but we’re talking about vintage scooters like Vespas, Lambrettas and Piaggios… the type of things you saw the Mods riding around on in the late ’60s.

In celebration of this two-wheeled heritage, San Francisco’s “Black Sheep Scooter Club” is putting together “The San Francisco Classic,” a four day vintage scooter rally all over San Francisco.

Want to catch a glimpse of these vintage scooters rolling all over the city? Here’s the list of rally locations. So put The Who’s Quadrophenia on your HiFi and get ready.

The San Francisco Classic Vintage Scooter Rally
August 18-21, 2016
All Over San Francisco
FREE to watch on the roads

If you want to participate, you better have a vintage scooter or you might get treated like a rocker.

8:30pm Meet & Greet @ Edinburgh Castle
9:45pm Ride to The Makeout Room

6:00pm Meet @ Café Trieste
7:00pm Diego’s Golden Gate Bridge or Treasure Island ride depending on weather to Codeword

Saturday – Day Ride
11:00am Meet @ San Francisco Scooter Centre
12:00pm Ride to The Mariposa Yacht Club for Show and Shine & Raffle

Saturday – Night Ride
7:00pm Meet @ Henry’s Hunan
8:00pm Brandon’s Wild Ride to Bottom of The Hill – Tickets Required

Sunday – Day Ride
10:30am Meet @ Cento
12:00pm Ride lead by the Rally Kings to Thee Parkside for food, drinks and DJs

Sunday – Evening
7:00pm Movie night double feature – Dance Craze & Quadraphenia @ The Roxie – Tickets Required
OR chill out at The Riptide (as long as it’s reopened)