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Santa Clara County Plans July 13 Reopening of Salons & Gyms

Tattoo shops, massage, salons and outdoor gatherings up to 60 people will be allowed with strict guidelines
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Thanks to SF Gate for letting us know that Santa Clara County will move forward with reopening salons but with strict new guidelines.

UPDATE: On July 4th the state of California denied Santa Clara County’s request for a “variance” to reopen

The new Health Officer Order was issued on July 2, 2020, it imposes strict across-the-board risk reduction measures on activities and businesses. The Order also allows certain activities to resume if those measures are followed, primarily those that were already open in surrounding jurisdictions.

The Order goes into effect on July 13 or two days after the State approves the County’s variance – whichever date is later.

The plan involves the reopening of  hair salons, nail salons, tattoo and piercing shops, massage therapy, gyms,  pools, outdoor dining and more. Read the new health order.

The order also allows outdoor gatherings up to 60 people, and indoor gatherings up to 20 people