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SF Sets Lofty Goal: Vaccinate Every Resident by June 30th

Just announced: Vaccinate 900,000 residents (16 or older) within 6 months
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San Francisco just set an ambitious goal: vaccinate every San Francisco resident by June 30, 2021.

District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney took to Twitter to announce the big news that SF Department of Public Health just announced their vaccination goal in a recent  COVID-19 vaccine rollout hearing held on January 20.

Thanks for KTVU for sharing more details on this recent announcement. Also announced was an emergency ordinance requiring the City to develop a strategy for mass vaccination, data reporting and communications.

The lofty goal aims to vaccinate 900,000 residents, over the age of 16, within the next 6  months, through the use of mass vaccination sites and ample healthcare providers.

Supervisor Haney asked on Twitter for anyone who is able to help, do please get involved. He wrote, “If people want to help, please DM me! This has to be an all in effort where everyone, who wants to and can, steps up to support. Human power, space, logistics, technology should not be a barrier or limitation here in any way.”

Haney also noted that San Francisco “will finally create a centralized system for vaccine appointments and presented a timeline for the vaccine mass distribution sites.”

Thankfully, the first of three mass vaccination sites will be at City College SF, and is set to open on Friday, January 22. Next up will be Moscone Center and San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market in Bayview.

In order to stay on target, the City will need to vaccinate 10,000 to 20,000 people a day. Unfortunately securing enough doses of the vaccine still remains an issue for now, but hope is on the way.

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