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SF’s 5,000 sqft Pop-Up Roller Rink Ends March 31st

SF says goodbye to its state-of-the-art covered roller rink “San FranDISCO”
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Have you had a chance to skate San Francisco’s pop-up covered outdoor roller rink San FranDISCO?

Get your skate on soon. The state-of-the-art covered roller rink rolls away on March 31, 2023. 

What’s so special about this roller rink?
San FranDISCO is put on by the crew behind the Church of 8 Wheels. For this pop-up, they’re totally off-the-grid for power – using solar power during the day and running on a battery bank at night. The overhead covering will not only protect against rain, the beating sun, but also will be used to shine laser lighting, plus there’s LED moon flowers and more to make it a true disco experience.

  • The floor is made of a special sport tile that is designed to make (the inevitable) falling more gentle.
  • The skates are all brand new and have light-up LED wheels.
  • Sound-wise, they have four QSC speakers surrounding the rink with two subwoofers for that deep rich bass sound.

San FranDISCO Roller Rink
October 15 – March 31, 2023
Wednesday – Sunday, Noon to 8pm
Fulton Plaza (next to the Main Library), Civic Center, SF
– $15 per session for adults ($5 for kids) – skate rental included in ticket price
– Get Tickets

San FranDISCO offers 90-minute skating sessions 3x per day, starting on even hours: noon-1:30pm, 2-3:30pm and 4-5:30pm and one 120-minute session: 6-8pm.



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