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SF’s B8ta Tech Store Shuts After Multiple Thefts

Watch videos of the SF break-ins and thefts owner says is 10x all their other stores combined
By - posted 1/28/2021 No Comment

Thanks to SFGATE for sharing the very unfortunate news about B8ta, the trendy electronics and high tech goods shop in Hayes Valley and Union Square.

The store has suffered a number of bazen break-ins and robberies whose products likely sell on the black market.

Owner Vibhu Norby is concerned for this staff’s safety. He’s temporarily closed his Union Square store due to the increase in crime, even though he’ll still have to pay the rent. He’s stated,  “It doesn’t matter how expensive it is. We can’t send our employees into a store where there’s even a 2% chance they get mugged.”

He’s been sharing his experiences on Twitter, detailing each incident.

He’s shared several videos of the bulgeries including an overnight break-in, and a shameless daylight theft of a 2,200 Devialet speaker.

On Twitter, Founder Norby says the crime is outrageous in San Francisco, “Have never mentioned this publicly, but we have stores all over the country and crime/employee harassment in our San Francisco stores (mostly Hayes Valley but now Chase Center as well) is 10x the rest of our stores combined…This actually doesn’t happen anywhere else in the country. … We have 17 other stores, including three internationally. This just doesn’t happen anywhere else. It’s only here.”

He mentioned his stores are being monitored by criminals constantly who know when items are unsecured and when his guards take breaks. He’s hired an overnight security guard at his Hayes Valley store, but it’ll cost him 30% more than his monthly rent. He’s also reduced his store hours and staffed his stores with more employees.

He continues to document the crimes on Twitter, and hopes the city will take notice and do more to deter theft and these bold attacks.