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SF’s Castro AIDS Mural Is Back (and Gorgeous) After Graffiti Attack

Defaced with graffiti and faded after 20+ years of sunlight, huge mural in the Castro just got a colorful refurishment.
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After some jerkwad defaced the “Hope for the World Cure” Mural in the Castro with graffiti back in late December 2021, artists helped restore the mural back to its original glory and gave it a bright and colorful update.

In addition to getting covered in graffiti, the mural, originally painted in 1998 to honor the community’s struggle with the AIDS epidemic, was also faded from 20+ years sunlight.

From June to mid August 2022, artists (include a few of the original muralists) worked to rehab the mural on 16th Street at the corner of Market and Noe. The scaffolding came down recently and the mural is looking fabulous.

Read more about the restoration, the graffiti attack and the general history of the mural.


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