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SF’s Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park May Be Renamed

The lake was named after the outspokenly antisemitic California Assemblymember William Stow
By - posted 10/26/2022 No Comment

Thanks to SF Gate for sharing the news that San Francisco’s Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park may be renamed.

The picturesque man-made lake with pedal boats, a waterfall and Chinese pavilion was named after California Assemblymember William Stow, who was speaker in 1855. The politician, who was unapologetically and outspokenly anti-Semitic throughout his tenure, also served briefly on the San Francisco parks commission in 1889.

Recently, three city supervisors introduced a resolution urging the Recreation and Park Commission to rename the family-favorite lake to reflect San Francisco’s values. Supervisors Myrna Melgar, Aaron Peskin and Connie Chan are also pushing to rename the Stow Lake Boathouse and nearby Stow Lake Drive.

They encourage the community to share their input as the Recreation and Park Commission will ultimately make the final decision if the lake will be renamed within a few months. Possible new names may reflect natural elements like Strawberry Lake or Blue Heron Lake.