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Where to Stop & Think

Five places to contemplate life’s big questions and escape the chaos of SF.
By - posted 11/1/2010 3 Comments

San Francisco is full of beautiful vistas and iconic monuments, but how do you get away in the middle of all the chaos of the city? These are five places that are nestled within the city that are great places to go and wax philosophical with life’s big questions.

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Ocean Beach at the end of the N-Line.
Take the MUNI N-line all the way out to the turn-around and walk over the sand dunes. You will be met with the roar of the Pacific Ocean and brave surfers wading the frigid waters. You might be met with wind, fog or sun but it is always a great place to go and just sit and be at the edge of the world.

The National AIDS Memorial Grove – Golden Gate Park
This is a rarely visited place in the middle of Golden Gate Park because it is nestled away among giant redwood trees. San Francisco was the center of the AIDS epidemic in the 80s and continues to impact our lives across the world. Find this beautiful grove and remember all the lives that have impacted your life in a positive way. Located at Middle Drive. East and Bowling Green Drive just south of the Conservatory of Flowers Map

Coit Tower – North Beach / Telegraph Hill
You have to work a bit to get to the base of Coit Tower, but it worth the trek up Telegraph Hill through North Beach. When you get to the base of the tower, you will gaze upon the Golden Gate in its entirety, Alcatraz and the East Bay. Best at sunset, definitely go a bit before so you can check out the murals that were under the Public Works of Art Project, the first of its kind project for artists with the New Deal. Remember history and look toward the future with inspiration from the majestic Golden Gate Bridge.

Land’s End Park – Outer Richmond
Locals may stray away from this corner of the city, but never fear two of our greatest attributes are located here: The Palace of the Legion of Honor museum and Point Lobos. There is a view deck with benches, so visitors can welcome the ships into San Francisco Bay. It is by-far the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the lesser visited Western vantage point.

Clarion Alley – Mission
Near 17th and Mission Street, you will find Clarion Alley. This alley is home to some of the most well known street artists’ work in the world. Just walk up and down and be inspired. There is art ranging from political work to cultural work, some serious and some fun. There is a piece for everyone. And if not now, there will be a piece that speaks to you because it is always changing, just like San Francisco. You don’t have to “understand” art for it to tell you something about your life. The walls of the buildings are just as beautiful as the walls of a museum, so go on an adventure and find yourself in Clarion Alley.