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SF’s “Sinking” Millennium Tower Finally Has a Fix

Downtown’s leaning Millennium Tower sank 18 inches but a fix is finally on the way.
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Thanks to SFGATE for letting us know that after sinking 18 inches, SF’s 58-story Millennium Tower finally has a fix.

At 645 feet tall, the Millennium Tower was the tallest residential laughing stock in San Francisco. After sinking 18 inches and leaning 14 inches, cracking and popping. Its permits and approvals for repairs are at long last complete and will finally get fixed. 

It will cost about $100 million and construction will take around two years.

The solution, similar to using a jack to fix a flat tire, involves installing 52 piles on the  north and west sides of the tower 250 feet into the bedrock.

Read more at SFGATE.

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