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Swamped SoCal Sending COVID-19 Patients to Bay Area Hospitals

UCSF & Stanford accepting patients from overwhelmed Imperial County.
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The Mercury News reported that hospitals in Imperial County in Southern California are so overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients that they’re being transferred to Bay Area hospitals.

More than 15 patients have been flown to local hospitals including Stanford and UCSF, which received 3 patients this week.

Imperial County, located east of San Diego and bordering Arizona and Mexico, has been greatly impacted by the coronavirus. As the hardest hit county in the state, approximately 7,000 residents in the county have contracted the virus.

With their hospitals at full capacity, at least 500 patients have been transferred out of the county. Stanford and UCSF have had relatively low coronavirus patients and have sufficient supplies, so they’re able to accept transfer patients.

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