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Rare Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Over SF

Gaze up at the rare super blood moon featuring a total lunar eclipse
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It’s the year’s first supermoon, meaning the moon is nearly at its closest to Earth for this month, plus there will be lunar eclipse as well.

This will be the last total lunar eclipse to grace Earth’s sky until May 26, 2021.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes completely through the Earth’s dark shadow, or umbra. During this type of eclipse, the Moon will gradually get darker and then take on a rusty or blood red color.

The January 20-21, total eclipse of the moon lasts for somewhat more than one hour, and is preceded and followed by a partial umbral eclipse, each time persisting for over an hour.

The whole umbral eclipse from start to finish has a duration of a little more than 3 1/3 hours, and can be viewed from North and South America, Greenland, Iceland, Europe, northern and western Africa plus the Arctic region of the globe.

  • Partial umbral eclipse begins: 7:34 pm (January 20, 2019)
  • Total lunar eclipse begins: 8:41 pm (January 20, 2019)
  • Greatest eclipse: 9:12 pm (January 20, 2019)
  • Total lunar eclipse ends: 9:43 pm (January 20, 2019)
  • Partial umbral eclipse ends: 10:51 pm (January 20, 2019)