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Unofficial Taylor Swift ‘Bad Blood’ Pop-Up Bar Comes to SF

So Baby Now We Got…Bad Blood: a Taylor-themed Heartbreak Bar through March 4
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Attention Swifties…there’s a new Taylor Swift pop-up bar in San Francisco. Thanks to SFist for sharing the news.

But don’t expect Taylor to actually be there, otherwise you’ll be the one heartbroken. This is a completely unofficial and unauthorized event, but still sounds like a load of fun.

The Bad Blood: a Taylor themed Heartbreak Bar is located in the Marina at Westwood Annex at 2036 Lombard Street, SF.

General admission is $22 per person and includes a welcome-themed cocktail. The experience runs from February 1 – March 4, 2023.

So Baby Now We Got…Bad Blood: a Taylor-themed Heartbreak Bar

Join in for an (Anti) Valentine’s Season at this themed pop-up bar for cocktails, singing, and memory-making. Whether you want to sing about your lover, those who were never yours, those you’re never getting back together with, or those who still have your scarf, this is the perfect place for you. Get bejeweled for photo opportunities and ready to engage in some champagne problems. Your reservation will have others asking if they can go where you go! Get a glimpse into your future with our tarot card readers on-site.  Spin the Shake It Off Wheel of Cocktails for your drink of choice.

Expect kitschy neon signs, framed photos of Taylor’s exes, and a cocktail menu featuring drinks dedicated to Taylor. This event is for 21+.

And to further cover their butts, check out this fine print from the event organizers:

“Please note that Bucket Listers, Inc. is not affiliated with, endorsed by, authorized by, sponsored by, or in any way officially connected with Taylor Swift or any of her respective business entities or their affiliates or subsidiaries, including but not limited to TAS Rights Management, LLC. The name Taylor Swift as well as related names, marks, emblems, and images are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Furthermore, Bucket Listers, Inc. is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or in any way officially connected with other third-party entities that provide similar services and events to Bucket Listers, Inc.; the similarity of any services and events are purely coincidental and does not imply any association with such third party entities. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Taylor will not be there.”


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