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“Wall of Moms” at Oakland Protest Tonight

Inspired by Portland group, Bay Area moms to form wall protecting protesters at July 25th rally at 7:30pm
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Sparked by scenes in Portland, a group calling themselves “Wall of Moms Bay Area” (@wallofmomsbayarea on Instagram) has started organizing to help protect protesters in the Bay.

Their stated mission is to learn how to protest safely, to stay silent and support Black activists by forming a front-line using their privilege to protect others.

The group’s first protest is in Oakland, the Bay Area city named by Trump. Sat, July 25, 7:30pm at Oscar Grant Plaza.See the facebook event post.

More info about Wall of Moms Bay Area

Should you choose to attend, please do so as safe as possible and wear a mask to protect against COVID

Wall of Moms 7/25 Oakland Protest Details

Join us – moms, dads, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and all guardians of our shared future. Let us reject fascism. Choose love and connection over fear and mindless obedience. Reject secret Federal police in our cities, and celebrate our right to gather peacefully and protest. For racial justice today, and for whatever we damn choose next time


  • Buddy up and never walk alone
  • Designate a post-rally call/text
  • National Lawyers Guild (outside) – 415-909-4NLG
  • National Lawyers Guild (inside jail) – 415-285-1011
  • See the equipment list for what to bring

What to Bring

  • Wear yellow (or orange if you prefer)
  • Bring sunflowers or yellow flowers (fake ok)
  • Wear a helmet (bike/ski helmet works)
  • Bring ski goggles
  • Bring a sign or megaphone
  • Wear running shoes
  • WEAR A MASK (bring a spare)

Game Plan

  • Write National Lawyers Guide (NLG) numbers on body.
  • Take BART to 12th St.
  • If driving, park in a lot on Webster or Franklin, $5-8. No valuables in car.
  • Arrive by 6:30pm if interested in a briefing – Meet at Flight Deck, 1540 Broadway – open until 10pm for rest, bathroom and free supplies.
  • Meet at Oscar Grant Plaza at 7:30pm and stick with the crowd.
  • Bay Area Street Medics Alliance.
  • COVID protocol Nurse Abigail.
  • HERO Tent – food, water, PPE.