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Watch 3-Hours of SF’s Bison Chilling in Golden Gate Park

Spy on GG Park’s bison paddock for a calming day of maxin’ and relaxin’
By - posted 3/29/2020 No Comment

Before it was postponed, Golden Gate Park’s 150th Anniversary and Community Day on April 4th was supposed to also be a celebration to introduce 5 new bison to the public.

Nevertheless that won’t stop us from taking a virtual stroll through San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and view the wildest treasure in the park.

Although there is no “live cam” at the park, the Mercury News brought their cameras down to the paddock last week and set up shot for nearly 3 hours of footage of bison grazing, maxing and relaxing.

See bisons eat a diet of grasses and weeds, which is accomplished in a continuous motion to avoid overgrazing their space. The Golden Gate Park grasses and weeds that the bison dine upon include their favorite options of Bermuda grass, Kikuyu grass, and Kentucky Bluegrass. 

But don’t expect a grand show of movement and daring feats when watching the bison. They tend to keep to themselves and really don’t engage in any exciting activities. They appear in the standing position for most of the day and sometimes sit about.

If you are extremely lucky, one of the bison may slowly amble from the field to the corral. Amazing.

As we stay at home for the coming weeks, now is the best time to transport yourself to Golden Gate Park and watch the bison chilling. Learn more about SF’s bisons