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Whitney Houston Flash Mob Dance

Wanna dance with somebody? Do it flash-mob style in the Castro on Friday at 6:15pm
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You say you wanna dance with somebody? Here is your chance to show your love for Whitney Houston and show San Francisco your moves.

Whitney Houston Flash Mob Day
Friday, March 23, 2012
Market & Castro, SF
– Show up: 6:15p
– Performance: 6:30p

Want to Participate?:

1) Watch the awkward instructional video and learn the dance. Don’t worry, it’s easy – choreographed by J Tall with a refrain by Nick and Anna Golla.

2) Show up at the intersection of Market and Castro at 6:15pm on March 23, 2012. The flashmob will start at 6:30pm. And be warned… there will be jazz hands.

Here’s how you’ll make it awesome:

– Wear street clothes, and blend into the crowd.
– When the music starts, play dumb. Then bust into the DANCE!
– Try not to break character the entire time, and represent yourself well – we are putting on a surprise and insanely fun experience for the public.

Just coming to watch?
We gotta be honest… we have no idea how many people will show up to dance and don’t have a clue to the quality of the performance. So this will either be an amazing heart-felt tribute from heaps of whitney admirers, or it will end up being a complete disaster of an uncoordinated mess… but either way it should make for entertaining viewing.