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SF’s Wildly Inappropriate Valentine’s Variety Show

A Friday night with drag queens, dommes, Hustler editors in a former church? Yes please!
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It’s the first ever evening of intelligent and wildly inappropriate conversation with OZY’s Editor-at-Large (who doubles as the sex and love advice columnist) Eugene S. Robinson.

Part variety show, part paneled talk show, part Q&A, this live event with lesbian adult film actresses, dommes, Hustler editors, female-female impersonators and more will get to the heart of your sex struggles and your sexy struggles just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Sex With Eugene
Friday, February 10, 2017 | Doors 7p, Show 8p
The Chapel, 777 Valencia St., SF
FREE with secret promo code FUNCHEAPOZY (normally $12)

Comp tix are limited… if the free tickets are gone, you can get $6 tix with code FUNCHEAP

Sex With Eugene Guests

  • Andre Shakti is a lesbian adult film actress, activist, and journalist whose work has appeared in Cosmo, Rewire, Thrillist, MEL, and Vice.
  • Jennifer Locke: artist, fighter, and domme extraordinaire
  • Allan MacDonell: author of Punk Elegies and Prisoner of X, a tome detailing his 20 years as executive editor at Hustler.
  • Fauxnique: you ever win Trannyshack? As a female impersonator? Or as a female-female impersonator? Well, Fauxnique has.
  • Bruce Lamont: Our Paul Schafer, the one-man-house band. Bruce’s work with his band Yakuza, his side project with Scott Kelly from Neurosis, Brain Tentacles, or his crazy post-modern take on money making with Led Zeppelin 2, makes him and his sax the perfect fit for doing the musical honors.