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1965-67 Psychedelic Rock Poster Show w/ Bill Graham Presents (March 10 – May 15)

Psychedelic Renaissance discover the genesis of the psychedelic poster art movement in San Francisco through the pioneering work of the tow series that sponsored it, the Family Dog & Bill Graham Presents, 1965 – 1967.

Fusing a disparate and eclectic array of themes ad elements drawn from fine art to the popular culture, the posters create a strikingly original body of work that illustrated the history of the city’s newest bohemia and celebrated its defining community ritual, the dance-concerts at the Fillmore Auditorium and Avalon Ballroom.

March 10th – May 15th
Free Admission
215 Haights Street / Laguna
Days & Hours
Thursday – Sunday 12pm – 6pm

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