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CANCELLED: Attractive Camp: Stand-Up Comedy Show | SF

> EVENT UPDATE: This event is no longer taking place.

Attractive Camp is a live comedy experience featuring stand-up comedians from Comedy Central, SF Sketchfest, Conan, Cobb’s Comedy Club, and beyond.

Your evening’s headliner sits in the Hot Seat, the Iron Throne of comedy, poking and prodding the jesters as they tackle pressing issues and engage in some good old fashioned shit talking, all for the audience’s pleasure.

You bet that producers Nicole Calasich (Comedy Central ClusterFest), Francesca Fiorentini (NewsBroke) and Jesse Hett (SF Sketchfest) make sure the lineups are dope as hell.

 Check out tickets here. $6 when you use promo code “funcheapbaby”. Otherwise, it’s $12 online or $15 at the door.
Catch us on the last Wednesday of every month.

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