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2019 Festival of the Impossible: Virtual Reality Immersive Art Festival | SF

The Festival of the Impossible is the first large-scale immersive art exhibition celebrating artwork that explores the impossible, featuring interactive installations.

The 4-day festival will feature a curated collection by several artists that will be creating across many mediums, pushing past the boundaries of reality and inspiring us with their visions.

Free AR/VR Immersive Art Festival
– Thursday, Sept. 26th | PRESS
– Friday, Sep 27th | 2 pm-8 pm
– Saturday, Sept. 28th | 1 pm-7 pm
– Sunday, Sept. 29th | 1 pm-7 pm
Chandran Gallery, 459 Geary St, San Francisco
FREE but an RSVP is required

This is a journey into the intimacy of Human-Machine, a concept which involves interaction through augmented experiences as well as enhanced human senses and deeper personal connections.

Visitors will be able to experience immersive art installations that evoke wonder and challenge our thinking about what could be possible as we move into the future.

Leave it to the forward thinking artists along with their amazing tools to keep us dreaming of what may come.

Artists include:

Free / RSVP

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