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4.1 Mile Laser Rainbow Flag Returns to SF (June 28-30)

 The world’s largest rainbow pride flag made up of massive laser space cannons will again flood San Francisco’s Market Street on Friday, June 28, 2024 and will continue for three nights, ending Sunday.

Called WELCOME (#WelcomeSF), the 4.1-mile installation by arts nonprofit Illuminate debuted in 2022 to great fanfare, setting off celebrations up and down the length of Market Street.

With a 49-foot width and a length exceeding four miles, the installation will consist of six colored laser beams (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red) shooting horizontally above Market Street, rising at a subtle 3-degree angle to crest at Twin Peaks and represents the world’s largest pride flag.

Mark your calendars for the Grand Lighting Ceremony that will kick off the rainbow spectacle on the evening of Friday June 28, and check back frequently as Illuminate unveils all the juicy details to come.

This year, plans call for 20 laser space cannons, nearly double the number of last year’s installation, to celebrate 20 years of marriage equality in San Francisco, creating an even more vibrant rainbow flag. Illuminate plans to fire up the space laser canons from dusk to dawn. 

The World’s Largest Laser Pride Flag
Friday to Sunday, June 28-30, 2024
Lit nightly from 9:15pm*(ish) until sunrise (Time is approx. In 2023, it was lit at 9:15pm)
Ferry Building, down Market Street to Twin Peaks, SF

Why is SF’s Laser Pride Flag so special?

  • 20 laser space cannons will create six lines of color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  • The laser space cannons will be elevated about 30-feet above the ground (at Harry Bridges Plaza) and will rise at a 3-degree angle, reaching over the top of San Francisco’s Twin Peaks.
  • The laser flag is 49 feet wide and length is 4.1 miles (over the top of Twin Peaks)
  • SIX TIMES more visible than the brightest ordinary searchlight
  • The “Laser Space Cannon” is the brightest RGB full color laser in the world at over 450 watts each RGB, Full Color, laser power.


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