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Cushing Memorial Amphitheatre

Ridgecrest Blvd, Mill Valley, CA
| North Bay
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Full directions to Cushing Memorial (“Mountain”) Amphitheater

From San Francisco:
Take 101N over the Golden Gate Bridge. Off of 101, take the exit for Route 1/Stinson Beach and follow signs for Rt. 1 which will bring you to the intersection of Tam Junction in Mill Valley.

From Tam Junction in Mill Valley stay on Rt. 1 toward Mt. Tamalpais and drive 2.6 miles and make a right onto Panoramic following the signs toward Mt. Tamalpais and Muir Woods. (If you stay straight you will go to Stinson Beach on Rt. 1)

From this turn off you will drive .8 miles to “4 Corners” where you will proceed straight (though it appears to veer to the left a bit). (If you make a sharp left you will go to Muir Woods, and a slight right will take you on Sequoia Valley Rd back down to Mill Valley). The middle road appears to go straight and a bit to the left. This road points to Mt. Tamalpais and Stinson Beach.

From 4 Corners you will drive 4.5 miles up the mountain (at 1.7 miles you will see Mt. Home Inn on the right and a sign for Mt. Tamalpais State Park on the left) until you see the Pantoll Ranger Station on the left. Here you will turn right up the mountain taking Pantoll Road and following signs for Mt. Tamalpais.

From the split at Pantoll Ranger Station:
At 1.0 mile you will see Trojan Point Parking Lot on the right At 1.4 mile you will see Rock Springs Parking Lot in front of you THERE WILL BE MOUNTAIN PLAY PARKING ATTENDANTS AT THIS POINT OF YOUR JOURNEY. THEY WILL DIRECT YOU AS TO THE BEST PARKING LOCATION

At Rock Springs parking lot you will turn right and drive for .1 mile until you see the entrance to the theater on the right side of the road.

0.3 miles past the theater is the Quarry Parking Lot on the right side of the road (restricted) 1.1 miles past the theater is the Air Force Parking Lot on the left side of the road. There will be a charge for parking at the Air Force Base. (There will be shuttles bringing you from this lot to the theater).

Please do not hike to the theatre from the Air Force Base. Marin Municipal Water District has closed the trail. If you want to hike before or after the show, there are many hiking trails starting at the Rock Springs parking lot.