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2012 Juggling & Unicycling Festival

Learn to juggle or ride a unicycle at this (mostly) free annual festival in Berkeley | Aug 17-19
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Meet some of the best jugglers and unicyclists on the West Coast and watch in awe as they ply their craft at the 2012 Berkeley Juggling & Unicycling Festival.

Pass along the joy and teach someone a new trick. And if you’re lucky enough to be just starting your journey with the circus arts, you couldn’t find a better place to pick up the basics.

Free workshops and events: Watch unicycle basketball, a big wheel unicycle party ride, learn to make balloon animals, learn to do fancy tricks with your hat and much more.

2012 Berkeley Juggling & Unicycle Festival
August 17-19, 2012
Berkeley High School, 1980 Allston Way, Berkeley

  • Friday, August 17th 3pm to midnight (FREE)
  • Saturday, August 18th 9am to midnight (FREE)
    – Public Variety Show at 7:30pm (show tickets $15, kids $5)
  • Sunday, August 19th 9am to 5pm (FREE)

2012 Free Workshops
Schedule subject to change
You’re never too old to learn something new! No circus arts festival would be complete without an assortment of workshops

* 7pm Introduction to Rope Dart Chris Garcia
3-on-3 Unicycle Basketball Tournament
* 8pm Walk|Drop|Chop-About Patterns Berkeley Juggling Coop

* 10am Big Wheel Unicycle Party Ride Tom Holub
* 11am Learning and Teaching Club Passing Louis Kruk
* Noon Juggling & Entertainment Business Roundtable Heart
* 1pm Introduction to Cigar Boxes David Pham
* 2pm Diabolo Fundamentals Chris Garcia
* 2pm Learning 4 and 5 Clubs Isaac Shivvers
* 2pm Beginning Mountain Unicycling Tom Holub
* 2pm Fun and Simple Passing Patterns for 3-6 Jugglers Louis Kruk
* 3pm Introduction to Balloon Twisting James Johnson and Becca Noonan
* 3pm Hooping Nicole Wong
* 3pm “My First” MUni Ride Tom Holub
* 4pm Introduction to Unicycling Jim Sowers
* 5pm Beginning Hat Manipulation with James Johnson

* 11pm Passing Scrambled-B on Toast Berkeley Juggling Coop
* 11pm Beginning Cyr Wheel Corbin Dunn
* 1pm MUni Fun Ride Tom Holub
* unicycle and juggling games