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$9 Toll for the Bay Bridge?

A $3 toll hike might be coming – It’s up to voters in June.
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SF Curbed reported that the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) unanimously approved raising tolls on almost every Bay Area bridge by 2022 (except the Golden Gate Bridge which is not overseen by BATA). That would mean a $9 toll for the Bay Bridge and $8 for all other bridges – a hike of $3.

But there’s one thing standing in the way. Voters will need to approve the new tolls in the June 2018 election. If approved, the first dollar hike would begin in January 2019 with other dollar increase to follow.

The toll hike is expected to raise $4.5 billion toward funding transit projects around the Bay.

Currently the tolls for the Bay Bridge are $6 during M-F commute times (5-10a, 3-7p), $5 on weekends and $4 on all other times.   It’s not yet known if off-peak travel will still have discounted tolls after the hike.

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