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99¢ Giants Tickets

Want to see the Giants vs. Padres at AT&T Park tonight for less than Muni fare? Monday’s your night!
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What’s the cheapest you ever thought you’d pay for Giants tickets? How about 99¢?

For tonight’s Giants/Padres game at 7:15pm at AT&T Park, there’s lots of super-discounted tickets on StubHub – as little as $0.01- and there’s about 10 pair for less than $1.

Why are the tickets so cheap? It’s not a special promotion, just good ol’ supply and demand since the Padres suck and the Giants are well out of the race.

The Fine Print – Evil service charges!
how a 99 cent ticket becomes $6

  • You have to pay a service fee of 10% of the order (a minimum of $5)
  • You do have to pay an “instant download fee” of around $5.20
  • So if you found two 99¢ tickets, you’d have pay: 99¢ x 2 plus $5 service charge, plus $5.20 download fee for a total of $12.18 – but that’s for two tickets and you get to go straight to the gate so looking at the total price it’s really a screaming deal.

Now most of these seats are nosebleeds, in the View Reserve – usually in sections 328 and 330, (with some being bleachers) but who cares when you’ve paid less for tickets than your muni fare to get to the game?

[Buy 99 cent Tickets]

San Francisco Giants vs. San Diego Padres
Monday, September 12, 2011 (7:15 p.m. )
AT&T Park, SF, CA
Tickets as low as 1¢