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SF Parking Lot Might Become New 2-Acre Park & 1,100 Homes

If approved, the 17-acre “Balboa Reservoir” site will get 1,100 homes (550 “affordable”) and a new park.
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Thanks to the SF Gate for letting us know that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors appear likely to approve a construction project on the 17-acre site of the former Balboa Reservoir that will bring 550 new affordable housing units to San Francisco along with a new 2-acre park.

After decades of opposition, if approved this would be the first major new development on San Francisco’s westside since Parkmerced was completed in the 1950s.

The site is currently being used largely as a parking lot. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2026.

“Balboa Resevoir” Project Details

  • 1,100 new housing units
  • 550 units (50%) will be “affordable” housing – 150 set aside for teachers and staff from City College
  • 4.2 acres of total open space, with a 2-acre central park.
  • A child care center for approximately 100 children.
  • A new community center

Learn More: Balboa Reservoir Project Site | San Francisco Planning Dept. | SF.gov

UPDATE: The Board of Supervisors is voting today (Tuesday, August 11, 2020) on whether or not to approve the project. View the meeting agenda. The appeal was originally scheduled to be voted on at 3pm, but they are running behind and as of 4:15pm they still haven’t gotten to the item.

  • Public Comment Call-In – 1 (415) 655-0001/ Meeting ID: 146 283 3792 # #
  • Watch the Board of Supervisors MeetingLive on sfgovtv.org

Opposition to the Project

Opponents to the project are concerned about the privatization of public land propose, “Wouldn’t it be better use if we made it 100% social housing and prioritize housing our Black and Brown students? Public lands are the people’s land.”

Additionally the San Francisco Examiner says the claims of offering affordable units is misleading and that the land is being sold at a 95% discount to private developers.

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