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Bay Area Whole Food Stores Installing Creepy Palm Scanners for Checkout

Amazon is adding touchless scanners so you can pay for your groceries with a swipe of your palm
By - posted 8/22/2022 No Comment

Thanks to SF Eater for sharing the news that Amazon is installing Amazon One palm scanners in at least half a dozen Whole Foods stores in the Bay Area.

Amazon One is a free, contactless service that lets you use your palm to pay, enter, or identify yourself. In a Whole Foods store, you can save yourself a few precious seconds, and scan your palm to pay for your purchases.

If you’re interested in this tech and don’t mind Amazon having access to your biometric data, you can sign up by going to an Amazon One device, scanning one or both of your palms, entering your mobile phone number, and providing a credit card and/or merchant membership number. Together, these serve as your unique Amazon One ID. Once you’re signed up, you’ll now be able to enter or pay with your palm when you see the Amazon One logo.

And if you’re itching to try this out right away, this tech is already in San Francisco at the four Amazon Go locations around The City.