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Brand New SF iPhone Trivia Scavenger Hunt

A citywide experiment turning our 7×7 into a giant board game
By - posted 12/17/2015 No Comment

One part scavenger hunt, one part puzzle, one part video game, International Orange is a challenging, citywide experience that turns San Francisco into a 49 square mile board game…that you most likely won’t win.

Think you have what it takes to beat the city? The game begins on December 19th and will run indefinitely afterward.

International Orange: A San Francisco “Bored” Game
To play, you’ll need to download the iOS app for $5. Once downloaded, the player will have everything they need to compete.

Please Note: The organizers are currently talking to Apple and finishing the app review process, so there is not a link directly to the app yet. However, on the http://boredgame.io website, players can register to be notified once the app is in the store and ready to play.

Here’s how the game works:

You get a series of riddles that relate to a specific location, somewhere in SF. Once you solve the riddle and figure out the location, you’ll have to physically go to that location. If you’re in the right place, you’ll get a challenge where you will interact with the area around you.

Complete the hunt, win $500 – The first person or group to solve all 10 riddles and challenges will receive their choice of an iPad or $500 in credit toward Uber, Munchery or Airbnb. Others can win a $50 credit toward Uber, Munchery or Airbnb.