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Caltrain Cuts Fares 50% Just for April 2022

With gas prices up, Caltrain drops fares 50% for the whole month as they finally resume full service on April 4
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Caltrain to Cut Fares 50% in April, Regular Weekday Service Resumes April 4

That means that 1 zone fares on your clipper card will now be just $1.60 (instead of $3.20) and a three zone fare (for example, Mountain View to San Francisco) would be $3.85 instead of $7.70.

Caltrain will be discounting all fares by 50% for the month of April 2022. With many people returning to the office and weekday and weekend events heating up across the Bay Area, including 10 Giants home games, everyone can take Caltrain to where they need to go conveniently and affordably. The price reduction will apply to all fares except the Go Pass.

And masks are still required (until at least April 18).

50% Off All Caltrain Fares*
More trains than ever on weekdays, weekends and evenings!

  • April Monthly Pass (available for purchase from 3/21 – 4/15)
  • Day Pass
  • One-Way
  • Zone Upgrades
  • Good for Eligible Discounts on Youth and Seniors

*Excludes GoPass

In addition to the reduced fares, Caltrain will resume running its regular, record-high 104-train schedule starting on Monday, April 4.

On March 2, the agency announced a scheduled service reduction to accommodate Caltrain Electrification signal work in San Mateo and Burlingame. That project was briefly delayed due to a March 10 train collision with on track equipment, and Caltrain utilized the reduced schedule to help with cleanup and service restoration efforts.

While Caltrain will restore regular service on April 4, the agency will once again reduce train levels from May 2–May 20 to complete the originally planned Caltrain Electrification signal work in San Mateo and Burlingame. Regular weekday service will resume once again on May 23.