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Six Great Ways to Do SF Beer Week

How to pick the best of SF Beer Week’s 600+ events? We’ll be your guide.
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What’s better than getting drunk during the work week? Probably nothing. That’s why SF Beer Week is the place to be, so strap on your beer goggles ladies and gents, because it’s about to be a long and dangerously hungover ride. Check out Funcheap’s full SF Beer Week coverage.

Beer Week is an exciting week not just for the people drinking the beer, but for the brewers and bars hosting events as well. It’s an opportunity for the brewers to show off some of their brand new, untasted beers they’ve been working hard to make for months. And trust me, they can talk your ear off about them as well.

Some really tasty, amazing beers are making their way to Beer Week this year, and that’s coming from someone who knows diddly squat about beer. I can normally tell you if it’s good or not, but that’s about it. However, after spending some quality time getting to know more about the local beers being released during the festival, I have a deeper appreciation for what Beer Week is all about.

The SF Beer Week website is a truly overwhelming (there’s like 600 events), but it’s all about beer and drinking, so let’s be real, it’s not that stressful. The fest takes place from January 22-31 all hours of the day, therefore, time to play hooky and get drunk during the weekday! We definitely won’t tell on you. And because I know you just can’t wait to get shwasty, here’s my list of events I’m most excited for this coming Beer Week and how you can get the best bang for your buck brew:

SF Beer Week Highlights

Polar beer plunge and brewery tour – FREE

Saturday, January 23, 9am
Fort Point Beer Company
644 Mason St.

Kick off Beer Week with a refreshing polar beer plunge! You’ll get a nice beer blanket to warm you up after you submerge yourself in frigid water of the San Francisco bay, plus a free tour of the Fort Point brewery in the Presidio.

SF Beer Week trivia – at a brewery! – FREE

Monday, January 25, 7:30 – 9:30pm
Freewheel Brewing Company
3736 Florence St., Redwood City

Hopefully you’ve already figured out this Beer Week trivia event will feature beer-themed trivia questions and that it’s at a brewery. And if you’ve gotten that far and you want to impress a date with your beer knowledge, take him/her here and you’ll seem super smart, or maybe just that you drink too much.

Beer tech talk – $10

Monday, January 25, 6 – 8pm
General Assembly
225 Bush St., 5th Floor

If techies and brewers had a baby, they’d come up with this innovative event. And just because it’s Beer Week doesn’t mean you should disregard that head on your shoulders, though. At this tech event you can learn about Fort Point’s use of technology with brewing, because craft beer talk is hot right now. And by hot, I mean chilled to perfection. The cost is $10 but includes beer (of course) and small bites.

Beerfest beer pong tourney – $6-11

Monday, January 25, 8pm
Black Hammer Brewing
544 Bryant St.

One cannot celebrate a week all about beer without playing this generations-old traditional beer drinking game we call pong of beer. We’re told that the more you play the better you drink. Sign ups are $6 per person, include half a pint of beer (as if you’ll stop there) and the chance to win prizes like a $100 gift card for beer, growler, or DAS BOOT. And if you don’t know what das boot is, then you need to come to this event.

Mid beer-week outdoor movie and biergarten – FREE

Monday & Tuesday, January 25 & 26, 6 – 8pm
Proxy Theater
432 Octavia Blvd.

You can either Netflix and Chill at home with Tecate in hand, or make your way down to The Proxy to watch The Big Lebowski and Dr. Strangelove with a craft brew in hand. Pick up a Fort Point (can you tell we love Fort Point?) at the Biergarten then hop over to the Proxy with a blanket to sit on as you sip away the evening.

“Smash Fest” beer flight tastings – $10

Tuesday, January 26, 4:00 – 11:30pm
Black Sands Brewery
701 Haight St.

Sure, you can get five Tecate for $10 somewhere (can you tell we despise Tecate during beer week?) or you can go to Black Sands Brewery for a flight of their three delicious (and new release) “smash” brewskis for $10. It’s Beer Week, dammit, time to up your game.

P.S. It’s also restaurant week, so if you have the drunchies, your remedy isn’t far from arm’s reach.

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