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Comedy Day in the Park

One stage, five hours, 40 comedians… all for free in Golden Gate Park this Sunday
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If you like lounging in the park, laughing your ass off with the distant smell of pot wafting through the air, then the 38th Annual Comedy Day might be the best way for you to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The biggest single-day comedy event of the year in San Francisco is this annual five-hour free comedy show in the park with over 40 comedians. Every year is different, but past surprise guests at Comedy Day have included Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Dave Chappelle, Eddie Izzard, Patton Oswalt, Ellen DeGeneres, Kids in the Hall, and many others.

38th Annual Comedy Day
One stage; five hours; 40 comedians
Sunday, September 16, 2018 | Noon to 5 pm
Robin Williams Meadow, Golden Gate Park, SF

2018 Comedy Day Lineup

Subject to change

  • Thee Stupeds—11:45—Noon
  • Debi Durst—12:00—12:10

Set One—12:10-12:50pm

  • Host: Ronn Vigh
  • Noah Gain
  • Ryan Goodcase
  • Clara Bijl
  • Dave Nihill
  • Cathe Boudreau
  • Hrag Tarbinian
  • Trevor Rogers

Set Two—12:50-1:50pm

  • Host: Paco Romane
  • Richard Chassler
  • Eric Cash
  • Milt Abel
  • Julia Jackson
  • Steve Lee
  • Jill Maragos
  • Fred Reiss
  • Justin Lockwood
  • Marga Gomez

Set Three—1:50-2:20pm
Sketchfest Presents: Man Haters

  • Host: Irene Tu
  • Dominique Gelin
  • Alexandra Love
  • Chey Bell
  • Krista Fatka
  • Samantha Gilweit

Set Four—2:20-3:20pm

  • Host: Mike Guido
  • Dan Wilson
  • Donald Lacy
  • Nina G
  • Rudy Ortiz
  • Lenard “Kyd” Jackson
  • Captain Katie Robinson
  • Bill Santiago
  • Brian Copeland
  • The Meehan Brothers

Set Five—3:20—5pm

  • Host: Bob Sarlatte
  • Scott Capurro
  • Cody Woods
  • Steve Pearl
  • Diane Amos
  • Dan St. Paul
  • Dr. Gonzo
  • Suli Mccullough
  • Felicia Michaels
  • Rick Overton
  • Will Durst