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SF Parking Lot Becomes New Garden w/ Free Citrus Trees

SoMA is getting a new Filipino-inspired community space designed for social distancing w/ free citrus trees
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The Non-profit & incubator Kultivate Labs, illustrator & art director Andre Sibayan, and landscape practice CAMO Design Studio, are transforming a city-owned parking lot in SOMA Pilipinas  into Kapwa Gardens

The project on Mission Street between 5th and 6th Street is planned to become an art and wellness pop-up designed as a space for healing and economic opportunity for the Filipino American community in the midst of COVID-19 and will have a unique floor mural to help with social distancing.

Construction starts early September 2020. No opening date has been set yet. Want to volunteer to help build the park

Read the full press release.

Kapwa Gardens Is A Healing Space For The Community.
A space designed to help our neighborhood recover from the devastating mental, physical, and economic effects of COVID-19. 

Designed With Social Distancing In Mind.
They have a unique floor mural that guides a limited amount of guests through space with 6’ distancing while they order food, stroll the gardens, and exercise safely in the space.

An Orchard For All.
The corner of SOMA Pilipinas has a high concentration of LMI residents. We’re filling our garden w/ citrus fruit trees that are free for all to enjoy.

Creating Economic Opportunity
As we begin to emerge from Shelter In Place, it’s important we provide opportunities for our entrepreneurs to jump-start economic activity and create jobs. Kapwa Gardens has space for 2-3 food vendors such as food trucks or senior micro-enterprises and will sustain 20 employees.

What is “Kapwa?“— Kapwa is Filipino spiritual belief of interconnectedness. Kapwa is a recognition of a shared identity, an inner self, shared with others. Kapwa is an extension of deep empathy.