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Fauxtest 2013

A fun (but fake) protest rally & march about silly causes and minor gripes | Dolores Park
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Join San Francisco’s first annual Fauxtest (pronounced foe-test), a fake protest where people can vocalize whatever they want – no matter how insignificant or silly the cause – on February 1, 2013 in Dolores Park.

Embrace hypocrisy and irony, air petty annoyances and gripes, facts, truth and nontroversy by making funny signs and marching down Valencia Street.

Fauxtest 2013
Friday, February 1, 2013 (5:15)
Starts at Dolores Park, March down Valencia

Upset over the ban on nudity? Annoyed at Sunday meters? Want to one-up the Westboro Baptist Church? Put it on a sign, bring your loud voice and join the Fauxtest.

  • 5:15 pm – Fauxtest Rally
  • 5:55 pm – Fauxtest March