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SF Wants to Give All Students “A’s” Because of COVID-19

School officials want to give students all “A” grades this year for grades 6 through 12
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Thanks to NY Post for letting us know that San Francisco school officials want are pushing to give students “A” grades this year to help ease their coronavirus-related traumas.

The school board will formally vote on a controversial plan that would give A’s in all subjects to students in grades 6-12 after assessing its viability and impact on college admissions.

It’s not known when exactly the vote will take place (the formal agendas haven’t been published yet) but ABC reports the vote will take “at the end of the month” and the next Board of Education meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 28th from 3-7pm. 

Coping with the stress of the coronavirus crisis is a challenge for adults but more as much as for students. The board argued that students are deserving of some academic consideration after having their school year upended by the contagion.

Is flattening the “Grade Curve” a good idea? Will this have a positive or negative effect on students? Will it hurt students with regard to getting into college? How will this affect students who were going to earn A’s anyway?

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