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Freak Bike Cabaret

A Friday night warehouse party in SF with renegade bike dancers, grotesque burlesque and even a kissing booth.
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The Derailleurs, a local bike dance team, are a group of renegade “athletes” combining bikes and dance in an internationally competitive setting.  The Derailleurs are at the forefront of a new movement, and (they claim) they  might possibly be the best in the world. Regardless of their true international standing, they’re a lot of fun to watch with a PBR in hand and with a good ol’ fashioned kissing booth nearby.

The Derailleurs and Friends are throwing an epic warehouse cabaret party on February 11th including music and activities:

  • The Nerv live set (punk rock jams from Derailleurs and friends)
  • Thee Hobogobbelins (steam punk underworld porch music)
  • Dj 0.000001 (aka Th’Mole), quirky deep bass booty shakers
  • The Can Cannibals, grotesque burlesque
  • Wrestle a Derailleur (glitter lube optional)
  • Derailleur Date Auction (that is, if you think you can handle one of us for a whole evening)
  • Kissing booth (if you’re more into quickies than dates)
  • Bitchin’ raffle (prizes from Box Dog, Ritual, Shipyard & more!)

What: Freak Bike Cabaret II – The Derailleurs
When: Friday, February 11, 2011 – 8pm
Where: Cycleside Swearhouse, 1660 Jerrold Ave San Francisco, CA 94124 (Bayview)
Tickets: $7: To purchase a ticket for the event first click here, then select the Fund Campaign option, and choose the Freak Bike Cabaret event.  Ticket sales will help benefit The Derailleurs upcoming competitions.
[Full Event Details]

Bay Area Derailleurs on Bikedance from janel sterbentz on Vimeo.

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