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Large Protest Planned for The Mission at 4pm

June 3rd rally and march for George Floyd and an end to racist police violence.
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A large protest is scheduled for Wednesday at 4pm starting at Mission High School and marching to the Mission Police Department in San Francisco.

San Francisco Solidarity March
June 3rd at 4pm
From Mission High to Mission Police Department
6′ apart — bring masks
Learn More: Instagram | Indybay.org

Why is Funcheap posting about this? Funcheap wants everyone to be safe so we are simply reporting that this is scheduled to take place so that you can avoid the area should you wish, or if you join to please wear masks and socially-distance.

Please note that we do not know much about the organizers or intentions of this event other than it is claimed that the event is “youth-led.” Some of the instructions from the organizers is practical and non-violent (like bring a power bar and what to do if you’re arrested, how to free yourself if you’re ziptied).

But what gave us some concern is that the organizers also say “No Snitching” if you witness someone causing destruction, show images of screwdrivers, spray paint, people throwing projectiles, are looking for a “fire mage” and provide tips on how to hide your identity.

So please make sure to read the Instagram posts and comments to learn more to see if you feel comfortable and safe attending.

We hope their intentions are for a non-violent protest and march. And we hope the cops fully allow peaceful protests and treat those participating with respect, restraint and care.

Originally posted on indybay.org. This is the image that we’re referring to.


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These are some guidelines for a successful protest, feel free to spread and repost! #justiceforgeorgefloyd #nojusticenopeace

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MUST READ IF YOU ARE ATTENDING WEDNESDAY JUNE 3,2020. Our team created this slideshow filled with tips & guidelines.

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