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Angry Turkey “Gerald” Forces Closure of Oakland Rose Garden

The wild turkey that went really wild forced Oakland to close park after reports of claws and pecks
By - posted 6/14/2020 No Comment

Thanks to ABC7 for letting us know that Oakland was forced to close the rose garden over an angry turkey that won’t stop attacking people who invade his home

Three weeks ago we posted about “Gerald” The Turkey, a wild turkey that went wild on Oakland Park-goers. Oh well, he won’t stop attacking people in Oakland’s Grand Lake neighborhood that has forced the closure of Morcom Rose Garden.

Oakland Animal Services received a lot of email complaints, stating that the turkey charged, jumped, clawed and pecked at them.

  • “His favorite target seems to be older women, although young children are also at great risk,” reads one email.
  • One complaint says, “I swear I was getting flashbacks to the velociraptor scenes in ‘Jurassic Park’ as he was ‘cooing’ at me sizing me up,” reads another. “And before you laugh at all this, I’m telling you he was relentless!”

ABC7 reported that a notice was posted last June 4 states the Department of Fish and Wildlife has approved a depredation permit. The city is not currently proceeding with depredation and considers the removal, and humane euthanasia, as a last resort. Presently, the city is keeping the park closed and begging people to stop feeding Gerald or any other wildlife they may encounter.